Welcome to the inner circle

You are about to enter a world of total deliciousness. In your hand is the key to the cocktail kingdom, making you the King or Queen of every social occasion.

At Black Pineapple, we believe that life is too short to drink average drinks. But creating epic drinks at home can be tricky – ingredients, time, equipment – it’s harder than it looks.

That’s why we pour our knowledge, passion & skill into everything we deliver to you. Each B.P. box is designed to help you make outstanding, expert-level drinks.


There are a few simple rules to follow, to make your drinks a 10/10 every time.

A cautionary word – ignore any of these & you simply won’t get the results – so please heed & Wax on, Wax off, my cocktailian grasshopper.

Our goal is to provide you with ALL the ingredients, to help you, your friends, whanau & guests to celebrate in style.


Each and every chilled bottled cocktail we send to you is freshly made, perfectly balanced & designed to make life just that little bit better. We provide the garnishes, instructions & magic to help you celebrate in style.

We juice, infuse, sous vide, balance, batch and bottle every cocktail at the peak of freshness at B.P.H.Q in Kingsland, Auckland.

We only use the finest, freshest ingredients, with a focus on NZ local & seasonal.

We juice every fresh lime, blood orange & pineapple, hand-craft our syrups & infusions & batch & bottle every drop of amazingness in-house. That’s why every fresh cocktail you shake, pour & enjoy is at the absolute peak of fresh, balanced deliciousness.

The Black Pineapple team are passionate drinks experts, obsessed with taste & flavour. Each & every box contains the fruits of our labour – crafted and sent with love direct to you.

As part of the Black Pineapple family, we’ll be sharing our insider tips, tricks & techniques with you. Look out for exclusive content via QR codes in the boxes, treats to help elevate your skill level & private cocktail events for our top subscribers.

Thanks for starting your journey –we can’t wait to help you celebrate in style.

xx Frankie & the Black Pineapple Team