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BP Sangria Kit



Forget everything you know about Sangria - our upscale B.P twist is packed with complex deliciousness, featuring Central Otago pinot noir, bison grass vodka, orange and cherry liqueurs, fresh pressed lemon and orange, bitters and our secret Sangria syrup.

Grab the BP Sangria by itself, or bundle it up for a discount on our pro bar kit!

Apprentice Bundle: Your chosen number of drinks PLUS a tin on tin shaker and a hawthorne strainer.

Professional Bundle: Your chosen number of drinks PLUS a full 7 piece cocktail kit

Please note that these cocktails are made from fresh ingredients, just in time for the weekend. Refrigerate on arrival and enjoy them that weekend for the best result!

*Order before midnight Wednesday 25th for arrival that weekend


Our experts lovingly juice, infuse, batch, balance & bottle every fresh cocktail with love, for you.

Each box contains all the ingredients you need to make the cocktails, including:

  • Handmade cocktail base

  • Fresh garnishes

  • Modifiers (soda, additional syrups etc)

  • Recipe card

Having the right Pro bar kit & glassware will elevate you and your drinks-making to another level. Fortunately we have you 100% covered. Shop now

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