Build a Bar

Aperitivo Hour


Become the master of the Sunday afternoon session with our Aperitivo bar starter set! Whether you just enjoy the whipping up the classics or you're looking to get creative with what's in your fridge, we've bundled up everything from a citrus press to a champagne stopper to make sure your afternoon spritz game is next level.

This kit includes:

2 x Spiegelau crystal copa glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal wine glasses

1 x Tin on tin shaker

1 x Hawthorne strainer

1 x Pineapple barspoon

1 x Large jigger

1 x Citrus press

1 x 25pk multi-coloured edible rice straws

1 x Champagne stopper

See something you like but have the rest covered? No worries, all of these epic bits of kit can be found here - you'll miss out on the bundle discount though!


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