Build a Bar

Help I Need a Bar!


This is it! The biggest, baddest bar set ever created is now available! In this kit you will find everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need to take your home bar from zero to hundred in a single click. If you find yourself wanting to host a cocktail party but struggling to put together the right matching glasses, or figure out what bar kit you need and you just want it all taken care of, then look no further - you're in the right place.

I hope you like bullet points because this kit includes:

2 x Spiegelau crystal champagne flutes

2 x Spiegelau crystal highball glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal Copa glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal wine glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal coupette glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal classic martini glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal double old fashioned glasses

2 x Ceramic tiki mugs

2 x Copper plated mugs

2 x Pineapple glasses

1 x Spiegelau crystal 750ml mixing glass

1 x 7 piece pro set (shaker, strainer, and all the trimmings)

1 x Pineapple barspoon

1 x Large jigger

1 x Large ice mold

1 x Citrus press

1 x Lewis bag and mallet (ice crusher)

1 x Champagne stopper

1 x Mini grater

1 x Fine mesh strainer

Bonus kit: Down the bottom we've included an option to double all of the glassware/mugs that come with the kit, giving you 4 instead of 2, for an even bigger discount.

See something you like but have the rest covered? No worries, all of these epic bits of kit can be found here - you'll miss out on the bundle discount though!



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