Build a Bar

Naughty Nightcap


If you're someone who shrugs off the day with a few martinis or loves wowing friends with a perfectly made old fashioned, this is the bar set for you. Designed by our events and drinks experts with those boozy numbers in mind, this is everything you need to make your classic drinks look and taste the part.

This kit includes:

2 x Spiegelau crystal double old fashioned glasses

2 x Spiegelau crystal coupette glasses

1 x Spiegelau crystal 750ml mixing glass

1 x Hawthorne strainer

1 x Pineapple barspoon

1 x Slim jigger

1 x Large ice mold

See something you like but have the rest covered? No worries, all of these epic bits of kit can be found here - you'll miss out on the bundle discount though!


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