Cocktail Boxes

Spiced Maple Whisky Sour Kit


Scotch whisky and maple syrup are a match made in heaven. We've taken the time to infuse ours with toasted spices to create a smooth, rounded, and delicious whisky sour.

Grab the Spiced Maple Whisky Sour by itself, or bundle it up for a discount on our pro bar kit!

Apprentice Bundle: Your chosen number of drinks PLUS a tin on tin shaker and a hawthorne strainer.

Professional Bundle: Your chosen number of drinks PLUS a full 7 piece cocktail kit


Our experts lovingly juice, infuse, batch, balance & bottle every fresh cocktail with love, for you.

Each box contains all the ingredients you need to make the cocktails, including:

  • Handmade cocktail base

  • Fresh garnishes

  • Modifiers (soda, additional syrups etc)

  • Recipe card

Having the right Pro bar kit & glassware will elevate you and your drinks-making to another level. Fortunately we have you 100% covered. Shop now

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