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Tiki Masterclass


Black Pineapple cocktail masterclasses are going online!

Bring the vibrancy and fun of tiki into your living room with our Tiki Masterclass! We've recorded another of our highly sought after masterclasses so you can enjoy it whenever you like with your flatties, friends, partners, pets, or your own delightful company. In this one we teach you about the origin of Tiki in between sips of a classic Mai Tai, and it's impact on bar culture over our famous dairy-free piña colada!

There's more than one way to join in, just have a read of the options below and pick the best one for you!

Video: If you want to join in to have some fun and reckon you have all the ingredients and kit already sorted, then you can head along to our video hosting partner HERE and just purchase the video. $20

Masterclass: This is our one stop class-in-a-box! Select this option and we will send you an unlock code for the video PLUS all of the essential equipment and enough ingredients to make 4 full cocktails. We highly recommend this option for those who want to be shaking and sipping alongside our master bartenders on screen. $150


- Unlock code for the masterclass video (one-time use)

- Ingredients and garnish for 2 x Mai Tais and 2 x Put the Rum in the Coconuts

- Tin on tin shaker

- Hawthorne strainer

- Step Jigger

Mega Masterclass: This bad boy pulls no punches. All of the ingredients, all of the essential kit AND all of the extra kit and glassware you need to really make your drinks stand out. $250

Includes all of the above PLUS:

- 2 x handmade ceramic tiki mugs

- 1 x Lewis Bag and Mallet



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