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Frankie Walker

Frankie Walker


Frankie founded Black Pineapple in 2016 after spending over 25 years in the drinks industry in the UK & NZ. From bartending & running top UK bars through to Sales, Marketing, Brand Activation, Education, and Advocacy. Frankie fundamentally believes that life’s too short to drink shit drinks - and Black Pineapple is here to help!

Favourite cocktail: Spritz Italiano

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Head of Operations

Ben gained his passion for drinks and operations working in some of the country’s top cocktail spots. Ben’s attention to detail and creativity help to drive and inspire everything that we do.

Favourite cocktail: Air Mail

Jessie Billows

Jessie Billows

Event Sales Manager

Jessie swapped working front of house in high-end restaurants to head up customer service and sales here at Black Pineapple in 2021, and thank heavens she did! Jessie’s hospo / customer service background multiplied by drinks knowledge and passion means our customer's experiences are in the best possible hands.

Favourite cocktail: Put the Rum in the Coconut

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan

Event Specialist

Also known as The Landlord, Dave is our events specialist, ensuring every single drink we serve is at the peak of perfection - from batching and bottling to taking care of our amazing events staff so they do the same for you. Dave’s happy place is being at the front line at our events, libating happy customers.

Favourite cocktail: La Paloma

Chris McClean

Chris ‘Crispy’ McClean

Event Operations Manager

Crispy has over 14 years experience in the hospitality industry, first in Pubs, then Restaurants, and then at high-volume cocktail bars in N.Z where he discovered his passion for cocktail making. Crispy’s calm, meticulous approach and amazing liquid creativity means that every detail has been thought through ensuring 10/10 cocktails and service at every event we cater.

Favourite cocktail: Tommy's Margarita


Jayden Williams

E-Commerce Operations Manager

With 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry and exposure to top chefs and bartenders, Jayden's passion for computer work and back-of-house operations makes him a valuable addition to the team. Jayden ensures every cocktail box we send is beautifully packed and packaged, and gets where it needs to go quick-snap!.

Favourite cocktail: Amaretto Sour


Miles Muir

E-Commerce Sales Manager

Miles has been on a crusade to share his passion for drinks ever since making his first Whiskey Sour at home. Leaving one of Auckland’s best Cocktail Bars, Miles joined the Black Pineapple Sales team at the end of 2022 to spread his passion as far and wide as he can. As your go-to Industry Drinks and Corporate- Gifting Liaison, Miles looks after every client with a genuine investment in getting the best end result.

Favourite cocktail: The Daiquiri

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